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Duplicate Big 2: How does it work? - Блог

    Duplicate Big 2: How does it work?

    23 марта 2016 г.

    If you are familiar with duplicate bridge, the concept is similar. Luck plays less of a factor in the Duplicate format. Check out the daily Duplicate Big 2 tournament.

    Daily Duplicate Big 2 tournaments are currently running at the time of this article.

    In a standard game, if luck is not on your side and you've been dealt a stinker (e.g. no face cards or deuces), you are likely going to pay the price for that hand and it could cost you the match.

    In Duplicate play, however, you can be dealt the same horrible hand, but if you can play that hand better than the average player, you will be aptly rewarded.

    Duplicate play presents the same configuration of hands to different groups of players. The final score you achieve on a hand is compared to the scores of other players playing that exact same hand. When a "board" (a random deal, but presented exactly the same to different groups of players — hence the term "duplicate") is played a fixed number of times, 10 times in Big 2, your duplicate result is the number of players you outscored who played the same cards and position as you.

    For example, if your position is given a hand which you end up scoring -50 with, but all 9 other players playing that same hand and position scored -60, you will have achieved the maximum duplicate result, 9. You will have beaten your 9 opponents from other groups. The players at your table will likewise be competing with 9 different opponents playing their same hand and position from those other groups.

    Try it out via Big 2 Quick Play, and check your results in the Duplicate tab from the Big 2 lobby.

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    Duplicate Big 2: How does it work?

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